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August 15, 2021

Lone Pine State Park

GrizO-North pulled off a successful event at Lone Pine State Park in Kalispell yesterday, spearheaded by the efforts of Will Dickinson and Jesse Nelson, who set courses and updated the map.


Some shout-outs are in order: it was great to see the Stanfield family turn out in full strength, accounting for 16 (!) of our 38 participants and providing some great competition on the Beginner and Advanced Beginner courses. The Asher Stanfield group had a blazing fast time of 33 minutes on the Advanced Beginner course.


Another shout-out goes to John Gergen, who attended his first orienteering event, completed the Intermediate course, then most of the Advanced course, and then proceeded to pick up some controls for us. Thanks John!


You can see some photos from the event, courtesy of Jesse and Boris, as well as all the course maps, here.


Results and split times can be found here.


Thanks again to Will and Jesse for doing the lion's share of the work for this event!

Lone Pine results 08-15-2021-page-001.jpg
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