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January 29, 2022

Night Orienteering at the Ranch Club

Grizzly Orienteering's 2022 season started with a night score orienteering event in a foot of snow at the Ranch Club golf course. Over 30 brave folks came out to brave the elements. Due to weather and time constraints, the organizers made a last-minute decision to cut out several controls, which caused a little bit of initial chaos, but everyone who came out seemed to have a good time.

Congratulations to Crystal Brown and Will Dickinson, who visited all the controls! And a special kudos to Amy Friedman and her kids, who came across a lost dog and carried it to its owners while out on their orienteering course!

We'd like to thank the Ranch Club for giving us a great indoor space to use for beginner instruction and post-race snacks, as well as for the awesome orienteering venue they provided us with! Special shout-outs go to Karin Flint for helping out with setup registration, and even childcare at the event; and to Greg Friedman who singlehandedly collected all the controls the day after the event. GrizO could not function without its volunteers. If you'd like to help out at future events, let us know by emailing


Arranged by controls found, then by time taken.


The map can be seen here. What route would you take to get all the controls?


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