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November 7, 2021

GrizO Event at Lone PIne

Thanks to the great outreach work done in the Flathead by Will Dickinson and to the Flathead Beacon article by Micah Drew, this event at Lone Pine State Park drew 70 people, including more than 40 first-timers!

We saw some great performances on this chilly November day. Some highlights include Greg Friedman completing three courses and winning two of them (he then still had energy left to collect some controls!); 13-year-old Lily Nelson completing the Intermediate course on her own; and Jennifer Shelton's group of 8 (!) edging out Micah Drew on the Beginner course.

We had a great crew of volunteers helping out with this event. Thanks to Will Dickinson and Crystal Brown for putting out controls and helping with registration and setup; to Greg Friedman and Jesse Nelson for beginner instruction and control pickup; and to newest GrizO member Calvin Olson for help with control pickup!

You can see split times from all the courses here. A few photos plus course maps are available here.


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