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July 17, 2023

Maclay Flats Evening-O

The second of our summer weeknight events of 2023 featured both a new venue and a new event format. The event was held at Maclay Flats, a popular recreation area just outside of Missoula that was field checked by Boris Granovskiy and Jan Lauenstein in the spring of 2023.

For all courses besides Beginner, we used the “Mass Start” format, where all competitors on the Short, Medium, and Long courses started at the same time. The courses consisted of several loops (2 for the Medium course and 3 for the Long) that passed through the finish before heading out on each following loop. Competitors ran the loops in different order, meaning that you could never follow another runner and be sure they were going to the same control as you.

On the Long course, this led to an exciting battle between Michael Kelly and Calvin Olson. Calvin had a narrow lead after one loop, but Michael pulled just ahead after the second one and held off Calvin to take the win by two minutes. In all, we had 32 participants, including a large number of kids, bolstered by the attendance of three participants of the weeklong orienteering summer camp that GrizO held in conjunction with Missoula Parks and Rec and Go Run Missoula last week!

As usual, thanks to our awesome crew of volunteers: Emily Johnson was the event director; Greg Friedman, Rob Nowels, Oliver Nowels, Ethan Dyke, Finn Nowels, Calvin Olson helped with control pickup and carrying event supplies out of the woods; Correena Streets pitched in with everything that was needed to get the event set up and going; Inara Granovskiy and Svea Johnson also helped with event setup.

You can see event photos, videos, and maps here:


Maclay Flats Mass Start
July 17, 2023

1. Kelli Fry                                                                                      12:47
2. Crosby Nowels                                           GrizO                    16:21
3. Correena Streets                                        GrizO                    21:57
4. Eli Geurtjens                                                                              27:37
5. Sasha Abrahamson                                                                  27:38
6. Emili Fry                                                                                     29:47
7. Inara Granovskiy                                        GrizO                    32:23
8. Svea Johnson                                              GrizO                    32:24
9. Brynn Pence                                               GrizO                    32:28
10. Elise and Erin Pence                               GrizO                    38:41
11. Ndizeye Family (4)                                                                 DNF

1. Kelly Fry                                                                                     38:24
2. Reid Lane and Jake Robbins                     GrizO                    39:24
3. Miranda Marks                                           GrizO                    41:50
4. Rachel Hamre                                                                           42:19
5. Eli Geurtjens                                                                              55:56
6. Sasha Abrahamson                                                                  55:57
7. Laura Henning and Scott Essert             GrizO                    DNF

1. Loy Koch                                                      GrizO                    46:47
2. Nick Pence                                                   GrizO                    51:48
3. France Mer                                                  GrizO                    67:00
4. Oliver Nowels                                             GrizO                    67:45
5. Ethan Dyke                                                                                67:51
6. Kathleen and Larry Dent                          GrizO                    96:43

1. Michael Kelly                                              GrizO                    53:03
2. Calvin Olson                                                GrizO                    55:09
3. Greg Friedman                                            GrizO                    74:23
4. Finn Nowels                                                GrizO                    81:07

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