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October 29, 2022

Halloween Score-O at University of Montana

What a night for an orienteering event! We had spectacular clear skies and a crescent moon for GrizO's second annual Halloween-themed night orienteering event. This was the first time we used the University of Montana map for a night event, and it worked out great. We had a near-record turnout of 83 people, including many first-timers. 

This event was a Score orienteering event, meaning that participants could find controls in any order they wanted. There were 30 controls out in terrain, with a 60-minute time limit. Each control was worth 10 points, for a maximum score of 300. Each minute over the 60 minute limited resulted in a 10 point penalty.

Six groups and individuals managed to find all the controls within the time limit: Jan Lauenstein, Chris Tobiason, Michael Kelly group of 3, Timothy Radle, the O'Dell family (5), and Kat Franchino and Svein Newman. Well done!

Many participants wore a fantastic set of costumes, ranging from skeletons, to exotic animals, to a naughty boy scout. 

As usual, we had a great team of volunteers to help make this event happen. The biggest shout-out goes to Loy Koch, who made her debut as event director and did a fantastic job running the show! Thanks also go to Randy Tanner (setup and beginner instruction), Kat and Svein (beginner instruction), Jan Lauenstein (beginner instruction and control pickup), Timothy Radle (control pickup). 

In addition to our volunteers, we'd like to thank our event sponsors Blackfoot Communications and the Loose Caboose, and our main club sponsor, Alpine Physical Therapy

Full results are below. 

Photos by Boris Granovskiy, as well as the course map from the event, are here. If you have cool photos from today's event, please add them to the album.

You don't have to wait long for the next GrizO event: it's coming up at beautiful Soft Rock recreation area near Victor, MT on Saturday, November 5! Come one out and explore the beautiful cliffs and hillsides in the Bitteroot foothills.




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