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June 8, 2021

Playfair Park

And the GrizO Summer Series is underway! 


At Tuesday night's event at Playfair Park we tried out a Choose Your Own Adventure format - instead of following a set sequence of controls to visit, participants were given a map showing 30 controls and had one hour to visit as many of them as they could, in any order.


Five competitors managed to collect all 30 controls within the allotted time, including newcomers Eric Ian and Colleen Ferris, and newly minted GrizO member Greg Friedman, who managed to get all the controls in under 40 minutes!


This was also a good opportunity for our younger participants to do some navigation. Thirteen-year-old Miranda Marks found 26 controls, and eight-year-old Ada Tanner got 19! Full results and the course map are attached and will be on the website shortly. What order would you take the controls in?


We would like to give a huge thanks to first-time course setter Randy Tanner, who did the bulk of the work on the courses for this event. We also got great help from Svein Newman with registration, Loy Koch with registration and cleanup, and Eric Ian, Colleen Ferris, and Allie Ferguson with control pickup. 

Finally, thank you to Alpine Physical Therapy, the head sponsor of the GrizO Summer Series! 


Join us on July 6 at Silver Park for stage 2 of the Summer Series! 

Playfair Results 06-08-2021.tiff
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