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September 17, 2023

Larry Creek Foot-O

This Sunday's orienteering event at Larry Creek marked the premiere of a brand new venue - and a brand new map - for Grizzly Orienteering! This is all thanks to the efforts of Greg Balter, who remotely made the basemap using state-provided LIDAR data, and to the work of Danny Riley, who spent ten days fieldchecking and drafting the map in late August.


The map was received with great enthusiasm and lots of accolades, both for the accuracy and legibility of the map, and for the natural beauty and fast runnability of the terrain itself. Nearly 40 orienteers headed out on the five courses, with 100% of the participants completing their courses - a first for GrizO! 


Several participants ran multiple courses, including Greg Friedman, who was 3rd on the Long Advanced course and won the Intermediate course. Finn Nowels was fastest on Advanced Beginner and 2nd on Intermediate. Mox Anderson won the Beginner course and was 2nd on Advanced Beginner. Youth program coach Calvin Olson was fastest on Long Advanced, while U of M freshman Ben Brady won the Advanced course. Behind Ben, the battle for 2nd placed on Advanced came down to the wire, and ended in a tie between Allison Brown and Loy Koch, who finished with the exact same time after more than 80 minutes of racing!


As always, we want to give shout-outs to our volunteers. We got some great help from John and Sherri Brady with control hanging in the morning. Darrell Brown helped with setup. Calvin Olson, Greg Friedman, and Ben Brady helped with beginner instruction. Calvin, Greg, Chris Caldwell, Mox Anderson, and Kim Mize picked up controls.


Up next is our Flathead event at Lone Pine State Park on October 7, followed almost immediately by Soft Rock on October 14. See you then! 





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