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June 10, 2023

Big Arm State PARK Orienteering

This was the second event on the Big Arm State Park map that was created by Will Dickinson last summer. The thunder and lightning that were in the forecast never materialized, and event participants were rewarded with a fabulous day at one of our most picturesque orienteering venues. 


This was a day when youth was on top, with junior participants finishing first in four of the five courses: Inara Granovskiy and Crosby Nowels on SuperBeginner; Grayson Fellman (with some assistance from Ted Fellman) on Beginner; Finn Nowels on Advanced Beginner and Intermediate (which he ran after finishing Advanced Beginner, edging out Colleen Bue by just 23 seconds.) Noteworthy also was Mox Anderson, who ran the Advanced Beginner course in 72:13, and then re-ran with what would be the fastest time of the day in 34:28! 


On the Advanced course, GrizO Youth Coordinator Calvin Olson took the victory in a close battle with Boris Granovskiy and Michael Kelly. 


We owe a huge thank you to Harvey Goldstein, who set the courses and directed the event! Other volunteers included Harry Morgan and Steve Varro, who put out controls; Andy and Nicole Kucera, who pre-ran and checked control locations; Loy Koch and Calvin Olson, who provided beginner instruction and course review; and Mox Anderson, Chris Caldwell, Rob Nowels, and Calvin Olson, who picked up controls. Also, a big thank you to Will Dickinson for finding this venue and making the original map! Finally, this event would not be possible without the support of Montana State Parks and our head sponsor Alpine Physical Therapy! 


Event split times:

Course replay and routes (add yours to compare!):

Some photos from the event (please add your own!):

Big Arm results 06-10-2023-page-001.jpg
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