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October 07, 2023

Lone Pine Foot-O

First-time event director Andy Kucera and first-time course setter Steve Varro put on a fantastic event at Lone Pine State Park on a gorgeous sunny fall day, with temperatures getting up into the low 70s. Participants enjoyed a set of interesting courses on the steep slopes of the park. Advanced course runners climbed nearly 400 meters (1,300 feet) on their 5.6km, 18 control course! 


Boris Granovskiy was fastest on the Advanced course, edging out University of Montana freshman Ben Brady by just three minutes. Siri Christopherson, fresh off a silver medal at the North American Orienteering championships this summer, took 3rd overall. Groups were fastest on both the Beginner (Alison and Melita Harris) and the Intermediate (Christa Torrens' group) courses. On Advanced Beginner, Missoula Youth Orienteering Program member Kelli Fry took the win by just one minute over Jennifer Shelton's group, getting into the lead with just one control to go. 


Thanks to our great group of volunteers for making this event happen! Andy, Nicole, and David Kucera helped direct the event and put out and collect controls. Steve Varro designed the courses and helped place and collect controls. Harry Morgan helped put out controls. Siri Christopherson ran the electronic timing system, did beginner instruction, and helped pick up controls. Zariah Zosel helped with beginner instruction. Calvin Olson, Ben Brady, and Ben Conley helped with control pickup.


Up next is our event at Soft Rock on a newly updated map Saturday, October 14. Hope to see you there! 



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