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April 10, 2022

Soft Rock Recreation Area

This was our third visit to Soft Rock Recreation Area - a gem of a location for orienteering outside of Corvallis. Despite the technical orienteering and the chilly conditions, all 55 of our participants managed to complete their courses today!


Some standout performances included a battle amongst members of the Reintjes family for the top two spots on the Advanced Beginner course (with Lauris and Brandon pulling out a narrow victory over Ali and Beata); newcomer Leland Holmes and his daughter winning the Beginner course; ad Will Dickinson posting the fastest time on the Advanced course despite also collecting controls in the process! 

As always, we could not have held this event without our great volunteers. Kat Franchino and Garth Flint helped with beginner instruction and general event administration; Tristin Anderson and Karen Brown-Wilson helped with setup; Malcolm Lowe, Will Dickinson, Michael Kelly, Colleen Bue, and Kris Short helped with control pickup. A huge thank-you to all of you!

Results are below. You can see the split times here.


A handful of photos photos, including a few of the more picturesque control locations, are here. If you have cool photos from today's event, please add them here.

Finally, check out the courses and GPS replays of some of the participants here. Please add your routes if you have them!

GrizO events shift north for the next three weeks: Lion Mountain on April 15, Lone Pine on April 23, and Big Arm (a brand-new venue for orienteering!) on May 1st. We hope to see you there!




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